[Ended] Share Videos to Other Platform

Sangfor Elsa Posted 20 May 2020 17:01

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Hi Community members,

Sangfor video tutorials are uploaded for quite a while. Many of you have viewed these videos and if you find the tutorial videos are helpful and easy to follow, do not be hesitate to share it with more people, then others can take advantage of them and have a clearer understanding of how to use the Sangfor products properly!

Share each video in the 18 tutorial videos, preferably the one you think is the most helpful.

Share to whatever social platforms that are popular in your region, and especially in the IT industry, that to be said, including social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, or IM apps, Whatsapp, Line, Telegram, etc. Or industry forums, or popular local websites where people ask questions about IT security and cloud computing.

[Event Duration] May 21 - Jun 3

[Event Rewards] 100 coins for each participant.
Extra coins for hot, popular sharing link in the third-party platforms.
The more views your sharing gets, the more IT professional of your audience (say you have shared a video link to a very large and popular local IT industry forum and most of the viewers are working in the IT industry), the more extra coins you will get! From 100 to 1000!

[How to play]
1. Share each of the 18 tutorial video links to other platforms. (You can find the 18 videos in Resources > Video Libary) or click here.
For example.

2. Paste the link of the platform page where the video is shared in this thread. Add a little explanation of the content and the platform.

For example: I have found xxx video is very helpful, and I have shared it onto Facebook.
                   The link of your post in Facebook.
If there is no link available (for example shared into a whatsapp group), you can take a screenshot.

3. We will review all the sharings and you will get 100 coins for participation and an extra 100 - 1000 coins for the views, and content platform relevance.

Many thanks to Apriyanto and Allen Cheung, except for the 100 coins participation reward, each of you has won another 1000 coins!

We hope many of you will join us in future events!

Apriyanto Lv5Posted 22 May 2020 12:14
I am happy with the short, concise and clear video tutorial.
I shared it in one of the Indonesian forums.
here is the link: https://kask.us/iGazO
Allen Cheung Lv2Posted 26 May 2020 22:15
I posted a video on following link: