Endpoint Secure Server - change IP

Newbie086365 Lv1Posted 06 May 2020 23:21

Dear colleagues, if we change the IP of the Endpoint Secure Server, how can we make all the clients to point to the new IP? Maybe can we deploy a command or script on all clients that changes the connection settings?

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Sangfor_Brando Lv4Posted 07 May 2020 10:11
May I know is there any setting on the PC's EDR agent to change the EDR IP?
AlessioSababa Lv1Posted 07 May 2020 16:25
@Sangfor_Brando this was my question, how to make the endpoint already deployed to point to the new IP address of the Server? On the client I found the file "server.ini" in the folder "C:\Program Files\Sangfor\EDR\agent\config" ; This file contains the IP address of the server, but I cannot change it as the anti tamper feature of the solution obviously does not allow me to do so..
Siva Lv3Posted 07 May 2020 19:27
I believe it is possible to achieve by script modifications. Maybe you can drop an email or contact our CTI brothers to confirm
AlessioSababa Lv1Posted 07 May 2020 19:29
Who is CTI brothers? TO whom to send an email? Why this stuff is not in documentation?
Siva Lv3Posted 08 May 2020 10:46
Kindly drop an email to tech.support@sangfor.com and CTI engineers will assist you on this.
This feature is not yet implemented in the official release, which is why its not included in the documentation.
Hopefully we will see that in the upcoming release.

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