[Ended] Round 43 - Comment on Resources

Sangfor Elsa Lv4Posted 30 Apr 2020 15:52

Last edited by Sangfor Elsa 15 May 2020 10:49.

Dear community members,

Since our launch, our community has uploaded many technical and sales materials in Resource, Knowledgebase sections, and recently, we have expanded our content coverage from the document into videos.

With the hard works in the past years, now we have more than 1000 documents in Resources, and more than 300 case solutions in Knowledge Base, and 6 newly created videos in the Video Library in Resources and our Youtube channel - Sangfor Technologies.

Many of you had viewed and downloaded the documents we provided to get a better understanding of Sangfor products and perform successful configuration, deployment, and maintenance work to your company and your customers as well. You also left great words in our documents comment section and rated our work, we really appreciate that.

Your voice is always the ultimate motivation for us to keep going forward and compile more useful content for you. With that being said, we really would love to hear your ideas about our documents.

Which product line you need more documents and can you tell us the reason? (IAM, NGAF, HCI, etc.)
Which document type do you think is useful and can you tell us the reason? (for example: configuration, training, brochure, case study, main slides or so on)
Is there a document that has something wrong in it, if so, can you show us the link?
Do you find it easy or difficult to find the document you need, and what are the obstacles you have encountered when you try to find some documents?
How do you think we can improve our documents system?

The list is not limited to the above questions, any advice about the documents system is welcomed! Please share us with your ideas!

Therefore, we would like to update our former Comment on Resources to a new version. Tell us your suggestive and constructive advice about our documents system, and each unique and helpful idea will win 100 coins!

[Event Duration] May 1 - May 14

[Event Rewards] 100 coins for each unique constructive advice

[How to Play]
1. Tell us your ideas about our documents system (Resources, Knowledge Base, Video Library) in this thread.
2. The ideas should be suggestive, constructive, and unique. Although we really appreciate your gratitude, but genuine constructive advice would make us do better, and provide more suitable content to support your business work.
3. As we have so many members in the community and you may have the same advice in one aspect, so we will count the first reply the valid record, other same replies will not be qualified for the coins. and non-constructive replies will also not be qualified for the coins.
4. Do not separate one advice into several replies. These replies will be disqualified as well.

The more you share your ideas, the better we can do to improve it, and the more helpful content we can make for you to support your success!

Let's get started!
GodLike Lv2Posted 07 May 2020 21:32
- I think HCI product should prepare more document on the compatibility of HCI and third party software or hardware.
- Configuration type of document will be more practical as it able to show the configuration step. However should mention the different of the version of the product if any thing changes.
△ it was quite useful and easy to search, however some of the product only have limited resources.
△ For the kb, it would be nice if adding a version tag on the searching item on the searching page in order to increase the efficiency of searching info.
Apriyanto Lv5Posted 15 May 2020 06:30
The knowledge base is already very good, but if it is converted into a video tutorial it will get better, so members can easily find solutions among many problems.

For example: Solution failed to update on iam version 1.0

so each problem will be separated and the keywords even more and more, customers and prospective customers are not afraid to try and ask support because there are so many and complete resources

thank you