Sangfor VDI support for Mac OS

George Chiu Lv1Posted 23 Apr 2020 22:48

Can Sangfor VDI can use on Mac OS? I am using 10.15.4 and I downloaded the client from VDC. This error message said "This software need to be updated".

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Referring to this error, it is because of mac OS default setting does not allow third party application.
Same thing on iPhone, it does not allow to install applications downloaded outside AppStore, you have to manually 'trust' the Profile.

For your situation,
1.Open System Preferences.
2.Go to the Security & Privacy tab.
3.Click on the lockand enter your password so you can make changes.
4.Change the setting for 'Allow apps downloaded from' to 'App Store and identified developers' from just App Store.
You can refer here for more informations:
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Siva Posted 24 Apr 2020 09:53
Can you explain how you access/login and where did you get the error?
Can you try login from Safari/Chrome ?
George Chiu Lv1Posted 24 Apr 2020 09:57
When i access the VDC version 5.40 on Chrome, I can download the installation package but unable to install (screen capture from attachment)
WhatsApp Image 2020-04-23 at 22.50.15.jpeg
Faisal Posted 28 Aug 2020 20:42
Thank you very much for the information ...

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