MGR OVA - default root password

rnovasconi Lv1Posted 18 Apr 2020 16:54

Quick Start guide for ENDPOINT SECURE_v3 .2.15 mentions the MGM deploy via OVA. It also suggests to change the root password for the linux box, but I cannot find the default root password, so I cannot do the first log in .

Anybody knows it? Is it reported anywhere?

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Please contact our support to get the default root password.
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CTI_kaizhi Lv1Posted 20 Apr 2020 17:40
Please contact our support to get the default root password.
Sangfor Elsa Posted 21 Apr 2020 09:47
The problem is solved by Live Chat.

Should you need any further help, you can always reach us in the forum, by Live Chat, or our email:

Thank you very much.
Osama Muhammad Lv2Posted 31 May 2020 05:40
Same question
Nasir Lv1Posted 23 Nov 2020 19:11
my EDR3.2.15EN-20191105-B server is crashed and i want to configure again through iso file but in the end root password required to configure the IP address to access through browser ,, please let me know the root default password.

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