[Documents Index] All you need for Sangfor IAM(IAG)

Sangfor Elsa Posted 17 Apr 2020 18:29

All thedocuments you need to know about Sangfor Internet Access management

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1. What is the Internet Bandwidth?
Internet bandwidth refers to the maximum throughput (or amount of data) that can be carried over a network line, from one point to another in a given period of time. It is usually expressed in Mbps or Gbps.

2. What is Throughput?
Network throughput refers to the amount of data moved from one point to another in a specific amount of time.

3. What is Domestic Bandwidth?
Domestic Bandwidth refers to data exchanged between two local points, for example in the same country. It is important for countries where Internet Service Providers charge different rates for domestic and international bandwidth.

4. What is Internet Bandwidth Management?
Bandwidth management is how you can measure and control all traffic and packets within your network for purposes such as avoiding bandwidth congestion, which can result in slow performance and affect the network's users.

5. What is Internet Filtering?
Internet Filtering is a method or software that allows IT administrators to control a list of permitted or blocked websites (e.g.:Facebook) as well as applications (e.g.: eMule) to be used within the network.

6. What is URL Filtering?
Similar to Internet Filtering, but the filtering method is mainly based on a specific website URL such as www.sangfor.com, which can allow IT administrators to decide which website URL the users can visit.

7. What is Traffic Quota?
Traffic quota represents the total amount of data that can be utilized (upload and download) by a specific user or group. This is usually used in enterprises with limited bandwidth available to avoid network congestion.

8. What is Illegal Wi-Fi?
In the workplace, an illegal Wi-Fi represents is a wireless access point that is insecure and opened by an employee or a third party. It can be divided into two main categories: hotspot opened by employees to have access to the internal network with their own devices and hotspot opened by a third-party with the intention to attack/steal information from an employee.

9. What is User Access/Authentication?
User Authentication refers to the process of allowing a specific device that needs to connect to the network by checking the identity of a user before allowing him to use the resources.

10. What is Endpoint Control?
Endpoints control refers to the process of managing &controlling endpoint devices (such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.).

11. What is High Availability?
High availability refers to a system or network that is continuously operational and never failing. It is usually done by using two similar appliances. If one of them stops working, the other appliance will take over and ensure the continuity of the operation.

12. What is a Policy?
In network management, a policy is a set of conditions and settings that IT administrators use to restrain the access of a specific user or group to the network, internet, application, etc.

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