L3VPN on NGAF program Path

wawanacapa Lv1Posted 07 Apr 2020 18:37

i already create L3VPN on NGAF. Then after login with user account, i click L3VPN option that i created, but something pop up asking for resource corresponding program path.
since my intention is to connect user to internal office network generally, how to do this right?

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Siva Lv3Posted 07 Apr 2020 19:02
You can ignore the program path and access the resource like how you would normally.
wawanacapa Lv1Posted 07 Apr 2020 21:09
i tried to ignore the pop up, but i cannot get any access, ping, etc ton internal office network.
Siva Lv3Posted 08 Apr 2020 09:40
Ping not necessarily work, due to some factors such as whether the protocol is allowed and firewall on the resource device.
What type of resource is that? What's the usage?
ibosinaga Lv1Posted 09 Apr 2020 13:04
WIndows platform, firewall on laptop already off.
wawanacapa Lv1Posted 09 Apr 2020 15:17
from what i experienced, after user clicked on L3VPN, they have to select what program do you want to utilize VPN from sangfor. if we ignore it, VPN won't established.
Park Bo Gart Lv2Posted 13 Apr 2020 09:50
following this topic

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