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ivanyeung Lv1Posted 28 Mar 2020 09:49

all users in a company are not allow access internet by default, they only get access to a website if they request it.
this company policy make network admin a huge administrative overhead.
1)the network admin need to create a firewall policy on each user to a specific website which users request to access.
2)some websites not just contain one single ip/fqdn, it may redirect to other domain.So the network admin need to audit the website, and permit the user to access other doamins.
how sangfor iam can help ?

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Ricky Chandra Lv1Posted 31 Mar 2020 17:44
1. Use Captive Portal/Login Portal, create user with grouping, so each group can have a specific rules
2. For domain with many IP's, you can use resolve Domain before apply the domain, or if that website have a many sub-domain, you can use prefix such as : *.google.com

note : if a user need to allow some website, you can create a Questioner Form for user, so they can fill it with they requirement.

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