TIARA and MDR Services Materials

Jeffrey Lee Lv1Posted 26 Mar 2020 10:42

Attacked by ransomware before? Worry on hidden malware within the network? Worry on business operation will be affected by malware? Thinking on having credible and independent opinion on security status and threat posture in your network?

TIARA and MDR is what you need!

Threat Identification, Analysis and Risk Assessment(TIARA) Service
TIARA is a preliminary lightweight security posture assessment service which not only helps customers to determine the current threat posture of their complete network in a short period of time, but also provides recommendations, improvement plans and remediation assistance to take overall security posture to the next level.

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Service
MDR is an ongoing service to help customers conduct comprehensive threat analysis, asset identification, effectiveness and efficiency as well as improving daily security operations and security controls.These functions combined improve the overall security posture and increase the maturity level of organization security operations.

Visit our website (http://pages.sangfor.com/TIARAandMDR) and feel free to contact local sales representatives for more information.

Relevant materials as follow:
- Brochure
- Sales / Partner Slides
- Technical Slides
- Sample Project Delivery Plan
- Sample Threat Analysis Report
- Sample Threat Analysis Executives Presentation

ABC Company TIARA Report (March 2020) v1.0.pdf

1.14 MB, Downloads: 3694

ABC Company TIARA Project Delivery Plan v1.0.xlsx

281.53 KB, Downloads: 3652

ABC Company Threat Analysis Presentation (March 2020) v2.0.pptx

3.36 MB, Downloads: 3665

Sangfor TIARA and MDR Brochure.pdf

1.59 MB, Downloads: 3670

Sangfor TIARA and MDR Service v1.0 - Sales_Partners.pptx

4.92 MB, Downloads: 3612

Sangfor TIARA and MDR Service v1.0 - Technical.pptx

5.36 MB, Downloads: 3615

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Faisal Posted 26 Aug 2020 10:31
Thank you for sharing this information ...
Draiden Lv2Posted 14 Oct 2022 16:05
This is quite old,
Draiden Lv2Posted 14 Oct 2022 16:06
Is there any TIARA + Endpoint Secure combo for this?
That would be great you have... It would be like CC+ES+TIARA

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