All-In-One VDI Solution with Easy & Quick Deployment.

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All-In-One VDI Solution with Easy & Quick Deployment.
Anywhere, Anytime and with Any Device.

Work and life have become symbiotic as technology flourishes, opening the door to remote business access and a “work from anywhere” business culture. The Sangfor aDesk VDI Solution is the latest virtual desktop cloud management solution based on hyper-converged infrastructure. Through deeply integrated server, desktop and storage virtualization, it takes a single aDesk thin client appliance and a cloud terminal to deliver rapid cloud platform deployment.

Sangfor’s VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) provides a full desktop user experience to working remotely in locations outside of their office with bandwidth availability issues, providing ALL IN ONE security functionality, designed to prevent data leakage and maintain endpoint security.

Sangfor’s aDesk solution means ease of access and maintenance, greater portability and simplicity of management across multiple platforms, supplying employees working from home or traveling, quick and efficient access to the Internet.

Application Virtualization provides remote access to enterprise systems and software for an unlimited length of time, anywhere in the world and on any device, and delivering powerful data security and simplicity of management.

SSL VPN - Ensures secure access to the company system using VPN encryption.

Let’s Talk About Sangfor Security:


1. Sangfor VDI is designed to provide the most secure remote working access by incorporating:

•     Multi-Factor Authentication
•     Password Policy
•     Terminal Security Check
•     USB Blacklist
•     Desktop Anti-Screenshot
•     Watermark

2. VDI network security simultaneously secures the remote access routes and the internet network using:

•     Built-In VPN Encryption
•     Dual Network Isolation
•     VM Isolation
•     Management Network Isolation

3. Application security is provided for business-critical applications using:

•     Application Management
•     Individual Roles and Access
•     Video Record

4. In addition to securing remote access, network and applications, Sangfor VDI secures data using:

•     No Data Stored Outside Local Hard Drive
•     USB Access Control
•     Personal Disk Encryption
•     Audit Export Document
•     VM Snapshot

Times are uncertain. This new year has brought a full spectrum of natural disasters in addition to the increasingly dangerous cyber-threat landscape. Contact Sangfor today to learn how their VDI solution can provide entirely secure access to the company network from any location and on any device – and keep your employees safe and productive.

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