How to changes port default https BBC

bramtorvalds Lv4Posted 11 Feb 2020 17:50

Hi anyone can share with me how to changes default port https on BBC (port 443) to another port?

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BBC default web UI 443 port is not supported to change.
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addimasqi Lv2Posted 11 Feb 2020 19:08
can you explain in more detail?
bramtorvalds Lv4Posted 12 Feb 2020 11:32
i wanna publish BBC to internet for access from internet but port 443 has used by other aplication.
so i need to change default port remote BBC from https 443 to another port. what it's possible?
Faisal Piliang Posted 03 May 2022 23:44
There are only 2 conditions:
Both the server and the client have to (agree to) use the same port number.
Ports in the range 1-1023 are "well known ports" which are assigned worldwide to specific applications or protocols. If you use one of these port numbers, you may run into conflicts with the "well known" applications. Ports from 1024 on are freely useable.
Liew Lv2Posted 09 May 2022 10:24
BBC default web UI 443 port is not supported to change.

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