Sangfor HCI & SCP Document Navigation Index

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Sangfor HCI & SCP Document Navigation Index
Online DemoHCI online demoHCI online lab
Industry-related/solution-related materialsManufacturingHCI manufacturing solution materials
HealthcareHCI healthcare solution materials
Managed cloud serviceMCS solution materials
Sales guidanceSales scenarioSangfor HCI sales scenarios
BO discoveryBO discovery talking points, how to identify HCI BO, Sangfor HCI Chalk Talk
Partner opportunity discovery bookValue propositions: enable cloud experience/improve ROI, reduce TCO/ Rapid time to market and deployment, why should you partner with Sangfor
Sales battlecardsGeneral overview and sales scenarios & references
Product  videosHCI product short videos
Case study & case bookHCI case references
Sizing guideHow to do sizing for HCI
Technical acknowledgementFeature listHCI feature list
Main slidesSales/technical main slides, event slides, etc,.
Solution proposalSangfor HCI data center solution proposal template
Comptition analysisCompetitive analysis versus other vendors (especially VMware  & Nutanix)
TCO analysisHCI TCO comparison with traditional 3-tier architecture
Technical white paperWhite papers for HCI, DR, CDP, VMware backup and instant recovery
Best practicesOracle RAC, Arcserve backup, SQL Server
Compatibility ListHardware and OS compatibility list for HCI
Testing guide
Testing guides for HCI & SCP
POC document templatesHCI POC environment survey table, pre-POC plan & post-POC reporting templates
User manualHCI user manual
Diaster recoveryDisaster recovery technical materials
Bidding Tender specsHCI tender specifications for bidding
EnablementPartner trainingScreen recordings and slides from partner trainings
MarketingBrochureHCI datasheet, aCMP, DR and scenario-based brochures
Interview and branding videosCustomer & partner interviews and other branding videos

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