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Fan Yue Lv2Posted 05 Feb 2020 18:17

1. Points of Contact for NGAF
Market  PIC  
Darren - Operation for all products

Allen Lim - Product operation  

Jonathan - Marketing  

Fan Yue - Product manager

Steve - R&D product requirement and planning  
QQ:  469637875

2. NGAF  Documents
Download Link

    Sales  tools  
Sangfor security concept

NGAF white-board

NGAF Sales guidance

NGAF Case Study

NGAF main slides

Datacenter: Application-Layer Security Strengthening Solution

Gateway: Best Practices for Network Security

Key value of Sangfor NGAF

Brief introduction of NGAF

Customer Video

Sizing guide
Hardware customization support list

Brochure and feature list
NGAF feature list  

NGAF brochure and datasheets of individual models  

POC docs
NGAF POC Check list

POC guide: Anti-Dos/DDos, APT Detection, IPS, Mail Alarm, Sangfor VPN, Scanners, Server Access  Verification, SSL VPN, WAF

Technical material
NGAF User manual

Network Security Health Check

NGAF product white paper  

NGAF HA White paper

OWASP compliance test  

DLP protection

DoS/DDoS solution  

Email Protection  

Easy configuration  

Engine Zero White paper

Neural-X White paper

Competition Analysis

Check Point




Other vendors

Bidding Doc
Tender specification  

NGAF IPv6 ready

NGAF ICSA certificate

CVE Compatibility


Training Docs
NGAF sales training  


NGAF main function introduction  

General training material for NGAF

NGAF technical training  

3. Common Materials  

CE-E certificate for all product

CE-S certificate for all product  

FCC certificate for all product

Certificate of original from Advantech

Purchase Certificate from Advantech  

ICSA Certification

Domestic-IMD model list
China domestic models compared to IMD models  

More certificates,  please refer to

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thanks for briefed.   
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Thanks for sharing these useful Docs.
65thuchapon Lv1Posted 22 Apr 2020 14:16
Could you add the last version of the sizing guide? Thanks.