My all files are extensions changed due to viruses. virus name is topi.you have any solution please share with me.

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Allen Lim Lv1Posted 10 Feb 2020 15:20
This is ransomware infection. Kindly contact our CTI technical support for further assistance
Fida_Balti Lv4Posted 10 Feb 2020 17:58
Please contact No?
addimasqi Lv2Posted 11 Feb 2020 12:55
There is no solution if your files are changed by ransomware.  You need backup plan management for your files.  If the issue is from your NGAF configuration that not proper, you should make a change.
Fida_Balti Lv4Posted 11 Feb 2020 17:56
NGAF  Firewall Virus Don't Prevent?
Faisal Posted 21 Aug 2021 07:12
Thank you very much for the information ...
kmrnliaqat Lv3Posted 02 Jun 2022 13:00
hank you very much for the information
Imran Tahir Lv4Posted 08 Jul 2022 18:49