New Features in Different WANO Version

Vincent Lv2Posted 24 Dec 2019 10:09

Last edited by Vincent 18 Feb 2020 15:41.

Enhance visualization capability for path selection with Sangfor Central Manager(BBC Name Changed)
(Applications running in which link)

Support OSPF/BGP
Support Packets Level VPN Tunnel Bonding
Support GRE Tunnel
Support Hands-free mode

Support BBC
Support Auto VPN
Support Email deployment
Support SD-WAN path selection (Specified link, Optimal link, Bandwidth ratio, Session Level VPN tunnel bonding )

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Faisal Lv8Posted 12 Aug 2020 11:05
Thank you very much for the information ...
Newbie259600 Lv2Posted 26 Oct 2021 11:36
Nice guidance ...

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