Authentication using external auth server

Newbie042393 Lv1Posted 16 Dec 2019 13:13


we forcing authenticate user using NGAF (firmware 8.0.13). All our user crendential  database is stored inside external radius server.

everything works fine, except certain user was failed to authenticate. Futher investigate found that user password character is more than 20 characters. Ask them to change their password not exceed more than 13 characters, everything works fine.

My question is, how many character password NGAF support for authentication using external auth server?

And is it posibble not to limit character for external authentication server?

thank you.

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Apriyanto Lv5Posted 17 Dec 2019 16:29
if you set authentication using external auth server , you can set config authentication from external auth server too (like radius)

i think nothing config for limit character on NGAF.

WHL Lv1Posted 18 Dec 2019 12:28
Our radius server does not limit maximum characters. our policy user must set at least 12 min char and no max.

Using our wireless controller, not issues, user can authenticate with long password (20 char and more), but when use the NGAF authentication, same user with long password, was denied.

So far i found that user with 20 char, cannot authenticate. i just asking if anyone from sangfor technical can check what is the maximum number of character NGAF can support for external authentication using radius.

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