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Paikau Posted 22 Oct 2019 09:19

Hi all, how to fix encryption data that has been encrypted by virus info.exe   

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Siva Lv3Posted 22 Oct 2019 09:56
Prevention is possible, but recovery are less likely..
You may find decryption tools online, but it depends whether your current encryption matches the public key available online.
Newbie1212 Lv2Posted 22 Oct 2019 11:53
What is the extension of the file being encrypted? You can check online through online with that extension.
ITD_Mitch Lv3Posted 23 Oct 2019 12:22
Most of the time if you are infected of viruses, you cannot recover the file/data that's been infected. You can find  tools online but most of it is not compatible or even not supported what your looking for. It is much better to prevent the attack the to recover the infected. For the prevention of any kinds of attack, we have Sangfor NGAF for your perimeter level of protection. We also have Sangfor Internet Butler for your Cloud level of Protection. Lastly, we also have Sangfor EDR or Endpoint Secure for your endpoint level of protection.

arvin Lv2Posted 21 Jan 2020 12:33
Is it some kind of anti-virus software?
chalid112 Lv1Posted 23 Jan 2020 10:25
If it's already in the realm of the user's OS see here : ... rypting-file-system
Newbie517762 Lv3Posted 06 Oct 2022 09:27

Here linking for Sangfor Endpoint Secure -  Decryption Tools list, hope it can help you to solve the problem.
kmrnliaqat Lv3Posted 08 Oct 2022 14:21

Thanks for sharing

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