How To Create Multiple VLan with DHCP on NGAF

Newbie564642 Lv1Posted 16 Oct 2019 13:49

Hi, i need to configure multiple vlan with dhcp inside Sangfor NGAF M5100.

Scenario is below

   Aruba SW

NGAF need to handle a Vlan (1,10,20,30) and distribute ip address by vlan request by switch. From Switch will connect to NGAF port ETH2 as LAN and ETH1 will connect to Router as WAN

Can someone guide me or give some clear documentation for this part.

Thank You

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Erickson Santos Lv1Posted 16 Oct 2019 20:54
1. Enable 1 LAN Port (layer 3)
2. Create Sub-interface using the LAN port, set ip address and set vlan number.
3. Go to DHCP settings, select corresponding subinterfaces, and set DHCP configurations like gateway ip, dhcp ip range, etc
Mitzli Lv1Posted 18 Oct 2019 11:26
Last edited by Mitzli 18 Oct 2019 11:34.

This guide may help you to solve the problem :
Step 1 : Config WAN interface on ETH1

Step 2 : Set Route (Layer 3) to ETH2, create LAN zone, and add IP address

Step 3 :Create Sub Interface add VLAN ID and IP Address that you want to create


Step 4 : In Menu Betwork - Advanced option enable DHCP and create DHCP SERVER on each VLAN



Step 5 :In this case i use mikrotik for example, if you use switch dont forget to set trunk on interface and also create same vlan that you create on switch, untagged to port that you want.

darkheart Lv1Posted 16 Jan 2020 10:17
@Mizli Is it ok the Next-Hop IP left with blank value on eth1?
on eth2, what's IP is it IP of aruba or what?
and on more questions, should I connect the manage interface to core switch or access switch to let NGAF can be able to manage by internal network?
Thanks in advance.

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