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jesschuakia Lv1Posted 15 Oct 2019 14:14

Hi! We recently bought an IAM for our company. I tried the Authentication Policy -- Open and Password Authentications. The IP Addresses/MAC Addresses of the PCs included in the Open Auth Policy can access the Internet just fine. However, the users (IP Addresses/MAC Addresses) included in the Password Auth Policy can only access the Internet after logging in the Identity Authentication System (Captive Portal) using Internet Explorer only.

The captive portal doesn't work on Google Chrome/ Opera/ Mozilla Firefox. The users need to log in using Internet Explorer to access the web via Google Chrome/ Opera/ Mozilla Firefox first. Is there any way to make the policy work on any browser aside from IE? Thanks.

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You may need to install our device certificate in your local PC. Kindly refer to the two diagrams below:
Note: Kindly ensure that you install the certificate in the Trusted Root Certification Authorities directory
402695da58c2bf3139.png 791385da58c144ee73.png
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Sangfor_Dio Lv4Posted 15 Oct 2019 14:45
Hi Sir,
IAM password based authentication can work on other browsers as well. May I know if you are using latest version of our IAM?
Meanwhile if you are accessing https website you might want to tick this option to let the captive portal pop out.

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