different Vlan vm not communicate the network

Aslam Zaki Lv1Posted 03 Oct 2019 20:06

i have create multiple VM in same Vlan ( that is working fine but when i assign different Vlan IP address VM not communicate  

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Erickson Santos Lv1Posted 05 Oct 2019 12:21
Hi, Aslam

That is the expected result when you assign different VLAN to different VMs. There is nothing wrong with it. For VLANs to reach each other, you have to configure inter-vlan routing. cheers!
Aslam Zaki Lv1Posted 08 Oct 2019 13:39
Our inter-vlan is working fine, my question is that i have created one VM of different Vlan (Vlan6) which is unable to communicate other Vlan (Vlan 10) VM on Sangfor
Apriyanto Lv5Posted 08 Oct 2019 15:17
check your router configuration
ITD_Mitch Lv3Posted 09 Oct 2019 14:48
Check your inter-vlan routing if correct or check the Switch Interface facing to your aCloud Edge interface if its tagged to vlan 10 and 6..
Aslam Zaki Lv1Posted 09 Oct 2019 16:57
right now switch configuration is (switch mode access and access vlan 10) and when i I have configure trunk port i am unable to access all VMs
Newbie451055 Lv2Posted 14 Oct 2019 17:55
Hi Friend,

You need to configure the following steps :
1.  In the switch configuration, you need to change the switch port that connects to HCI into trunk port.  And allow only specific VLAN that you need.
2.  In HCI configuration, at Networking Tab, you have to creates 2 different switches, where each switch represents the VLAN that you need to connect.

After both steps above, you can choose to which VLAN does your VM want to connect, by choosing the correct switch.

Aslam Zaki Lv1Posted 14 Oct 2019 18:26
Thanks, will update you after implementation your suggestion

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