Report Center and Database

Newbie Lv1Posted 03 Oct 2019 12:29

Hi Sangfor,
I want to suggest that the database in the IAM will have the more details information, example IT Industry, inside IT Industry category have what application or others.

For Report Center, I hope that all the log can be generate to graphical chart, to convenient to view. For example, if I want to generate report for rejected application by user group, the report center only generate to excel format but not graphical chart.

Here is my suggestion, I hope Sangfor Team will improve it, I look forward to you ya.

Thank you. Best Regard.

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Bakhtiar Lv3Posted 07 Oct 2019 15:05
i agree with you
Faisal Lv7Posted 04 Aug 2021 08:11
Thank you very much for the information ...