easyconnect (SSL VPN client) installer for OSX

Newbie559097 Lv1Posted 31 Aug 2019 08:52

Is there easyconnect (SSL VPN client) installer for OSX ?

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yes , maybe you can find in this link : KLIK THIS LINK
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Apriyanto Lv5Posted 01 Sep 2019 00:16
yes , maybe you can find in this link : KLIK THIS LINK
Newbie559097 Lv1Posted 05 Sep 2019 06:33
Hi Apriyanto,
thanks for your answer but how to use it, because it different with sangfor SSL VPN Client (easy connect) for windows ?
Sangfor Elsa Lv4Posted 11 Sep 2019 14:28
Hi Sir,

Please try this link.
Newbie861622 Lv1Posted 02 Oct 2019 01:49
i have the same problem on my macbook, i cannot connect to ssl vpn, i have install your easyconnect for mac, sitll getting.. this,.

Access denied. Possible reasons:

ActiveX control is not installed or its version is too low.
Please download the control.
Mac OS X JRE setup package
Failed to trust control certificate.
Please log in again and click OK, Trust or Run button on the pop-up certificate dialog.

please help....

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