Issue on Sangfor NGAF M5300-F-I Firmware AF 8.0.7R2

addimasqi Lv2Posted 15 Aug 2019 15:01

Last edited by Sangfor Elsa 26 Aug 2019 16:06.

Dear all experts here.

I just want to share my experience about the NGAF configuration that I have done.  2 weeks ago we have some task for reconfiguration / optimize our NGAF configuration.  We got the NGAF appliance from the vendor as a backup with AR 8.0.7R2 firmware and I configured the NGAF backup with the correct optimization configuration.  At this task our service is running well using the NGAF backup for 2 weeks.

Then the next task, i upgrade our NGAF production firmware to AF 8.0.7R2 (before is 7.4) and i put configuration from NGAF backup to our NGAF production.  The configuration i completely check is same, cleary same.  I have checked from interface, static routing, policy base routing, NAT, application control, etc and i can make sure the configuration is same.  So i change the device from NGAF back up to our NGAF production, and the result is :

1.  Routing to trusted zones (lan) must first be lured. The NGAF device IP ( can't be reach from trusted zone because route issue.  I have to connect my notebook to the NGAF management port, open System - Troubleshoot - Web Console then write the ping command (our distribution switch IP address for ptp to NGAF) the result is reply and the IP of the NGAF device can now be accessed from the trusted zone.

2. NAT issues, we have NAT configuration (SNAT, DNAT, BNAT) all this configuration is not running well.  For SNAT i have to disable and enable NAT rule.  For DNAT & BNAT i have to check the check box "Matching traffic is allowed by local ACL and application control policies" then OK the rule then uncheck the check box.  After that the NAT rule is work properly.

3. Then the route issue can anyone explain (see attachment)

IP is in trusted zone (LAN zone IP interface VLAN). Why in first ping command is reply, then the last ping command the web console reply "Ping command return no value....".  FYI i have static route for to (ptp to our distribution switch).

4. VPN issue, last time we use NGAF backup the VPN service is running well.  And now some user (not all user) can't access VPN services properly.  I have checked the users, resource, role and routing configuration.  And i have conclusion that the logic for the configuration is OK.

That's all the weird experience that i have with NGAF

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addimasqi Lv2Posted 19 Aug 2019 17:45
so quiet.  Or maybe just me that have an experience like this.
sOOOn777 Lv3Posted 23 Aug 2019 16:33
maybe the method of delivery is less sophisticated
addimasqi Lv2Posted 23 Aug 2019 16:53
I need a more concrete solution.  Why the configuration that I have configured on the backup unit is not running well on the production unit.  I have to do something strange and weird first so that the configuration goes well.  Why this forum with more than 100 members (i think like that), no one can give me the answer to discuss together.
addimasqi Lv2Posted 26 Aug 2019 13:02
come on....
Muhammad Talha Lv3Posted 27 Aug 2019 02:13
Hi dear,

NGAF backup model and NGAF production model, was it same ? I meant the configurations was it on same eth ports ?

addimasqi Lv2Posted 27 Aug 2019 12:06
backup is M5400, and production is M5300.  The different is on the interface allocation port.  Example in the backup unit :
eth1 is for LAN, eth2 is for WAN1, eth3 is for WAN2, eth4 is for PTP-DMZ and eth5 is for DMZ switch.

And the production because of production unit has 4 ports ethernet and 2 ports SFP :
eth0 is for LAN, eth1 is for WAN1, eth2 is for WAN2, eth3 is for PTP-DMZ and eth4 is for DMZ switch.  (eth0 default is for management interface NGAF, I use too for zona LAN)

and I have confirmed that the configuration is correct for the interface.

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