why i cant block certain website that use https

din Lv1Posted 01 Aug 2019 18:54

hi guys,

why i the NGAF cant block some website such as era.je, mix.my and sinar.my, all of the website is the radio streaming website we want to block it but when we put the list inside the custom web filtering it does not block the website..


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Newbie280530 Lv3Posted 02 Aug 2019 09:30
After you create the custom URL and bind with the content security and network security policy, if still unable to block it you can drop an email to tech.support@sangfor.com .
din Lv1Posted 04 Aug 2019 22:44
i have already bind it but still it is not working
Apriyanto Lv5Posted 13 Aug 2019 10:57
are you has try add spesific web on object ?

like this ?


i hope this is helping you

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