Question 12 - One Question A Week

Sangfor Elsa Posted 31 Jul 2019 17:42

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Hi everyone,

It the 12th questions and this time, we will try the new format of choice question!

[Event Duration]
Question 12  August 1 - August 7

[How to Play]
Select the option you think is right.
Your answer is only visible to the author, and Only your first reply will be counted as your answer.

[Event Rewards]
Each reply will earn 100-coin tokens, and the right answer will earn extra 200-coin tokens.

1. The rewards will be sent out next week.
2. The right answer will be updated in this thread next week.

Next Question will come from the following document!
SANGFOR NGAF_v8.0.8_Application Control_Best Practice
You can download it

Update on August 8th

Question 12
Which of the following options is true about Web Application Protection?
This week we have tried a new form to set the event - poll. And 139 members have shared their answers. But what a pity is, the option 2 you all selected is not the right answer, and the right answer is option 3.

Here is a detailed explanation.
1.        Source zone is trust and untrust, destination zone is untrust
False: Source zone is untrust and destination zone is trust. Because the source zone must be the initiator of the TCP link.

2.        Web app protection only can protect the system basic on HTTP
False: Web app protection also can protect the FTP, MYSQL, TELNET, and SSH protocol.

3.        Need to confirm the policy enable protect HTTP on other port
True: Many web systems do not use port 80. We must confirm the policy enables the “Also protect HTTP access on other ports”. NGAF can identify and protect HTTP access on all ports

4.        Web Application can not block Website Scan.
False: Web Application can block Website Scan
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