Using the aDeploy Tool, Win Coin Tokens

Sangfor Elsa Posted 20 Jun 2019 10:40

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Hi guys,

The aDeploy tool is officially out!

Well, some of you may already know what aDeploy is for, but some of you may wonder the usage of this tool.

So, what can you do with the aDeploy tool and why it facilitates your daily work?

The aDeploy tool is the one you can use to check the status of your aCloud cluster after configuration or for a regular health check. It standardized all the procedures you need to do for aCloud status check and will save you lots of time.

By running the aDeploy tool, it will automatically check the cluster and generate a comprehensive report to better reveal the possible risks of the cluster. With a much more visible risk map, you and your customer can get a better understanding of the status of the cluster and then work out more targeted solutions. Besides, if you find difficult to analyze the report, you can always contact Sangfor for detailed interpretation of the report.

The report will cover the following parts:
1. TOP 5 VMs by Peak CPU, Memory, IO Write Speed Usage Over Past 24 Hrs
2. Hardware Disk Status
3. Virtual Storage Status
4. Host CPU, Memory, Interface status
5. Cluster Resources Status
6. License Validity Status

We highly recommend you to use the aDeploy tool when:
1. Customer request device inspection;
2. Inspection after POC and project delivery;
3. Health check before upgrade aCloud;
4. Auto service inspection;

Therefore, we will start this new event in which you can get 200 Coins for each status report you submitted!

[Event Duration]
June 20 – July 20

[Event Rewards]
200 coin tokens for each status report you submitted.

How to participate?
Step 1. Download the aDeploy tool and run it for your customer to check the cluster status.
Step 2. Visit (, fill in the form and attach the status report generated.

Reports will only be accessed by Sangfor Staff.

aDeploy Tool Download links:

Applicable version:
HCI 5.0-aCloud 5.8.6

User manual:

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Done - Already reporting it