Round 6 - Who is the Problem Solver?

Sangfor Elsa Posted 12 Jun 2019 16:48


Hi members,

Meeting to our sixth Round of Problem Solver event!

[Event Duration]
June 13 - June 19

[How to Participate]
Answer the unsolved Questions topics

[Event Rewards]
1.        Each authentic answer will get 100-coin tokens besides the normal 2-coin reply rewards.
2.        The answer accepted by the post author will get extra 500-coin tokens.
3.        The answer accepted by the moderator will get extra 300-coin tokens.

1.        Only authentic and original answers will be counted for coin rewards.
2.        Coin tokens reward for answer accepted by the author or moderator, it should be accepted within the event period.
3.        Coin tokens will be rewarded next week.
4.        For members who have asked many useful authentic and practical questions, there is also extra coin rewards for them!

Do not forget since this week on, you can gain 200 more coins if you have participated in 3 or more events!
Let's get started!