Share Community Flyer to Social Media, Win coins based on views, likes, and shares

Sangfor Elsa Posted 31 May 2019 16:27

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Dear members,

Because Sangfor Community is a technical support platform for all Sangfor product users, we would love to have more partners and customers to join us, therefore we are here to hold a new event.

Share community flyer to your social media account, and win coins based on the views, likes and shares of your post on the social media.

The event duration is extended!

[Social Media Views Collection Deadline]
24:00 June 23.
The coins will be delivered based on the views, likes, and shares before 24:00 June 23.

[Reply in the Event Deadline]
Paste the screenshots before June 23.

[Event Rewards]
1 view = 1 coin
1 like = 2 coins
1 share = 3 coins

[How to Play]
1.    You can post Community Flyer to any popular social media in your region. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

The example post:
Your Sangfor Community introduction lines + the url:
+ 2 Community Flyer images

Example on Facebook:

2.    Screenshot the posts you have on the social media with the visible view, like and share numbers.
3.    Paste the screenshot in this thread.
4.    You can create the same post on different social media. Coins will be counted separately.

1.    Paste the screenshot of your social media post before June 23 on the community. Replies after June 23 with no specific date and time indicated in the screenshot will not be received.
2.    Or, you can include the Date & Time indicator on your PC or Phone in your social media screenshot when you capture it, and then reply in this thread before June 23.
3.    Please keep in mind, the screenshot must be captured before 24:00 June 23. Views, likes, and shares after June 23 will not be counted.
4.    Coins will be delivered after June 23.

Last and most important.
The Community Flyers are as attached.
Sangfor Community (3.41 MB, Downloads: 1752)