Fixed the invitation link

Apriyanto Lv5Posted 14 May 2019 11:47

Last edited by Apriyanto 14 May 2019 11:48.

Can you fixed the invitation link ?


because the link cannot add member like link in the event.

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Sangfor Elsa Posted 14 May 2019 16:00
Yes, this one is separate from the event link.

Only the link in the event page can add new members in your records because the link is specially designed for the event.

In the Profile page, the link can also be used to invite new friends, but it is not included in the event, so if new members registered through this link, the inviter will get 100 coin tokens, but the records will not be accounted in the Invitation Event.
ChrisB Lv2Posted 12 May 2020 16:47
Noted on the invitation link.