Congratulations! The Invitation Event is successfully Ended!

Sangfor Elsa Posted 25 Apr 2019 16:28

Last edited by Sangfor Elsa 17 May 2019 11:02.


Hi guys,

Our first ever Invitation Event (from April 16 to May 16) is in progress!

Invite your friends to register Sangfor Community, you will get Triple Rewards!

1.    Win lucky draw chances to get presents like Mi Bluetooth Earpod, 10$ Amazon gift card, 5$ Mobile Phone Top Up.
2.    Win massive coin tokens through Invitation and Lucky Draw, use coin tokens to redeem gifts in Store. Gifts include: Power Bank, Smart Watch, Bluetooth Speaker, Windows 10 License. Click Store to see more.
3.    At the end of this event, the top 3 inviters will get One More Extra gift!
       Top 1 Inviter: Western Digital 1 TB Hard Drive
       Top 2 Inviter: Sony SRS XB01 Bluetooth Speaker
       Top 3 Inviter: Rapoo MT750S Wireless Mouse

When join the event, please keep in mind:
1.    Share your personal event link which can be found on the event page. (if the UID in the event link is 1, that link belongs to admin)
       Sample: admin’s event link
2.    All physical gifts will be sent out after the event, that is after May 16. Community Team will contact the winners via email to confirm the delivery information.

Update on May 17

Thank you all for participating this event and inviting so many of your friends joining Sangfor Community! We will do our best to provide you professional and quality technical support service!

Invitation Records:
Apriyanto                  invited 130 members
adi                           invited 99 members
Rickysut                    invited 88 members
Kasdira                     invited 50 member
Muhammad Talha       invited 44 members
sOOOn777                invited 34 members
NezarRefqi               invited 22 members

Congratulations to the following winners in this event!
Top 1 inviter: Apriyanto -- Western Digital 1TB Hard Drive
Top 2 inviter: adi -- Sony SRS XB01 Bluetooth Speaker
Top 3 inviter: Rickysut -- Rapoo MT750S Wireless Mouse

Lucky Draw Physical Gift Records:
Apriyanto                   Mi Bluetooth Earpod
Apriyanto                   Mi Bluetooth Earpod
Apriyanto                   $10 Gift Card
Apriyanto                   $10 Gift Card
Apriyanto                   $5 Top Up
Apriyanto                   $5 Top Up
Apriyanto                   $5 Top Up
adi                            $10 Gift Card
adi                            Mi Bluetooth Earpod
adi                            $5 Top Up
adi                            $10 Gift Card
adi                            $10 Gift Card
Rickysut                     Mi Bluetooth Earpod
sOOOn777                Mi Bluetooth Earpod

Coin Tokens Redeem Records:
Apriyanto                 Mi Power Bank X2
Apriyanto                 Bluetooth Speaker
adi                          Mi Power Bank X2
adi                          Smart Watch
NezarRefqi              32GB Flash Drive
NezarRefqi              20000 IDR Top Up X2
Rickysut                  32GB Flash Drive
Rickysut                  Smart Watch
sOOOn777             Power Bank

Stay tuned! More interesting event will coming soon and we would love to share more gifts with you!

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Kensky Lv3Posted 17 May 2019 11:26
waw so cool congratulation all
MuhammadFardeen Lv2Posted 17 May 2019 14:29
Congratulation to all of you
Apriyanto Lv5Posted 17 May 2019 14:43
congrat for all
Riki Satria Lv3Posted 21 May 2019 21:54
Givi Posted 13 Apr 2020 18:01
I like this site it’s a master piece! Glad I noticed this on google.