Who is the Problem Solver?

Sangfor Elsa Posted 23 Apr 2019 16:11

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Hi members,

Sangfor Community is dedicated to providing a one-stop technical support platform where you can:
      view and download documentation,
      get instant support from LiveChat,
      report and track your support case in the Open a Case system,
      book and take partner certification exams, create posts and reply to others,
      share your experience and help our peers with your expertise.

Since our launch, we have lots of members created posts in the forum and our technical engineers are online all day to answer these questions.

The forum is a place where everybody talks and communicates. We encourage all of you to create your post and receive help from other members when you encounter a problem, and also pay back the kindness by replying to other members’ posts If you have the same experience or you know how to solve the problem. Your experience and expertise would be a great help to others!

[Event Duration] April 23 – April 29
[How to Participate]
Answer the Questions topics

[Event Rewards]
1.        Each authentic answer will get 100-coin tokens besides the normal 2-coin reply rewards.
2.        The answer accepted by the post author will get extra 500-coin tokens.
3.        The answer accepted by the moderator will get extra 300-coin tokens.

1.        Only authentic and original answers will be counted for coin rewards.
2.        Coin tokens will be rewarded next week.

Update on May 7
Thanks for all the kind sharers who are actively helping others!
CTI Jimy
Muhammad Talha

We are looking for more of you join this group and share your knowledge to help solving other's concerns.
See you in our next event!

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Apriyanto Lv5Posted 02 May 2019 19:01
is this event still going ?
arieltuppil Lv1Posted 03 May 2019 11:55
[Event Duration] April 23 – April 29