Manage Risky Shadow IT the Right Way - Launching Sangfor IAM 12.0.23

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As the industry trends toward the adoption of more SaaS applications for daily operation and business-critical tasks, customers are facing an increased challenge from Shadow IT. Sangfor Technologies is proud to announce the release of the new Sangfor IAM v12.0.23, designed to manage SaaS applications and improve visibility and comprehensive control over the network and risk.

Sangfor is introducing new features to enable easy management of SaaS applications guided by a simple process:

1. Discover: Know the Risk

IAM includes a built-in SaaS application database, identifying the most used applications and categorizing them into groups dependent on the security risk they present, bandwidth consumption, reduction of work efficiency and risk of date leakage. The easy-to-read dashboard clearly shows all applications in use, the amount of data being used and any file transfers, giving the administrator a clear understanding of all the applications in the network.

2. Manage: Application Management


Using “sanctioned” applications make network management easy and safe, as ”sanctioned” applications are known to IT and approved for use and security. The use of “unsanctioned” applications is potentially problematic, as they may open the organization up to data leakage or malware, but as they sometimes make business-critical tasks easier, blocking them completely could seriously affect user experience.

3. Control - Reduce the Risk

Sangfor IAM provides granular control over identified applications, together with bandwidth control capabilities, taking productivity to a much higher level.

· Creating a Safe Workspace

While search engines make it convenient to find information, they always have the potential to suggest inappropriate content. Sangfor IAM can restrict sites like Google, Bing, and YouTube to a default safe-search mode, blocking inappropriate content suggestions at the workplace.
· Improve work productivity

SaaS provides convenience and safety by allowing access to appropriate areas of traditionally entertainment-focused websites used for employee engagement, professional development or research. IAM improves user productivity by allowing users to access specified work resources like the YouTube channels designed for organization training, or company Facebook page access in the workplace while blocking all other Facebook content which may be distracting.

· Stop Data Leakage

SaaS applications make it easier for users to access data, but may also allow data leakage, as staff uses the same platforms for both their enterprise and personal accounts. For example, allowing unrestricted Google Suite traffic creates the potential for confidential files to be accessed by a personal account. IAM features allow programs like G Suite, O360 and Dropbox Business to access enterprise accounts but restricts exportation to members. By monitoring and auditing all traffic, IAM helps identify any data breaches and makes it simple to trace the breach source with very little effort.

4. Analyze - Tracing Incidents

The IAM report center provides an overall understanding of SaaS applications by providing an immediate view of the number of applications in use, sanctioned and unsanctioned status, any risk of potential data leakage, low productivity reports, and analysis of what applications are being used the most often and for what purpose.


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