vWANO POC Test Preparatory Work

Vincent Lv2Posted 11 Mar 2019 18:58

1. Virtualization Platform: Sangfor HCI/VMware/Hyper-V
2. Resource Requirements: CPU 2*1.8GHz  RAM 2G  SSD 100G
3. Firmware:
Acceleration only (Single bridge or single arm mode) V9.2

VPN+Acceleration (All deployment mode) v9.1R2

http://download.sangfor.com/Download/Product/WANO/WOC9.5.1EN/WOC9.5.1EN built-up_DLAN6.0(for Upgrade,20180605)-91473.cssu

4. Apply License: Seek help from TSC or Sangfor stuff-->liumin POC License

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dityo_adi Lv1Posted 17 Dec 2019 14:13
mantuuuuull, thanks you
bramtorvalds Lv4Posted 11 Feb 2020 16:11
thanks for your sharing
Faisal Lv6Posted 16 Jul 2020 22:00
Thank for this information ...