BBC Sangfor cant download branch backup file

favianbayu Lv1Posted 17 May 2024 12:26


I have an issue while try downloading one of our branch NGAF from BBC.
It shows a "failed to obtain branch device backup file" notice when I try to download it, shown in the capture below


Does anybody have the same issue and know how to fix this
The other branch devices are successfully downloaded.


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Hi, kindly check the BBC Branch setting whether the Device Category is AF or NGAF.
Kindly ensure that the selected Device Category is NGAF.
Also, please make sure, Device name you copy exactly same as you setup in BBC.
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Enrico Vanzetto Lv3Posted 20 May 2024 16:11
Hi, kindly check the BBC Branch setting whether the Device Category is AF or NGAF.
Kindly ensure that the selected Device Category is NGAF.
Also, please make sure, Device name you copy exactly same as you setup in BBC.
mdamores Lv3Posted 21 May 2024 13:32

this error usually indicates a problem downloading the backup file for a branch NGAF from the BBC. You may try some troubleshooting guides below:

1. check if the BBC server is reachable from the machine you are using. you can try pinging the server IP address or hostname. you may also check is the network connection is stable or no firewall policies are blocking the  download.

2. make sure the the correct NGAF branch device is selected in the BBC interface  for download and verify if the backup file currently exists on the BBC server. There might be some restrictions preventing the download

3. make sur that the BBC user account has the valid permissions to download NGAF device backups or you may coordinate with your BBC administrator to check you access level.

4. you may try upgrading the firmware to the latest version to resolve any bugs/glitches causing this issue or you may coordinate and reach out to sangfor support for immediate resolution of this issue.
Farina Ahmed Posted 21 May 2024 14:41
I have no idea about this
fuadmahbubun Lv1Posted 21 May 2024 15:51

make sure the connection from BBC to NGAF branch is normal.
select the device as NGAF or AF according to the device information listed on the BBC.
Check user rights whether they can download backup files or not.
pmateus Lv2Posted 21 May 2024 16:07
I suggest contacting Sangfor Technical Support at for guidance.
ArsalanAli Lv3Posted 21 May 2024 20:16
Try to check it after restarting the BBC VM. There is glitch
also check whether the branch is joined the central manager (means check the connectivity)
jerome_itable Lv3Posted 22 May 2024 14:39
There could be several reasons why you're encountering a "failed to obtain branch device backup file" error while downloading a Sangfor NGAF from BBC (Branch Backup Center).

Here are some steps to troubleshoot the issue:

    Verify BBC Connectivity:

    Ensure your device has a stable internet connection and can reach the BBC server. You can try pinging the BBC server address to confirm reachability.

    Check BBC Credentials:

    Double-check that you're using the correct credentials for accessing the BBC. Incorrect username, password, or API key can lead to download failures.

    BBC Service Status:

    There might be a temporary issue with the BBC service itself. Try logging into the BBC web interface to see if there are any reported outages or maintenance schedules.

    Sangfor NGAF Version Compatibility:

    Not all Sangfor NGAF versions are compatible with BBC downloads. Ensure the NGAF version you're trying to download is supported by the BBC. You can find compatibility information in Sangfor's documentation or consult their support team.

    Disk Space Availability:

    Make sure there's sufficient disk space available on the device where you're downloading the backup file. Insufficient space can cause download failures.

    Check Logs:

    The Sangfor NGAF system logs might provide more details about the download failure. Look for error messages related to the BBC download process.
Newbie290036 Lv2Posted 22 May 2024 17:01
The error message "failed to obtain branch device backup file" typically indicates a problem with retrieving the backup file from the branch NGAF device. This issue could be caused due to network connectivity issues, permissions problems, or issues with the device itself. Please ensure that the branch device is properly connected to the network, check the permissions and access rights for downloading backup files and verify that the device is functioning correctly. Moreover, check for any errors or warnings in the device logs that might provide more insight into the cause of the problem.
Zonger Lv4Posted 23 May 2024 18:39
The "failed to obtain branch device backup file" error occurs when the NGAF branch device is unable to retrieve the backup file from the BBC (Backup and Configuration Backup) server, which is used to store and manage configuration files and backups for remote devices. This issue can be caused by a variety of factors, including network connectivity problems, incorrect backup settings, or corrupted backup files on the BBC server.

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