Scaner Device is not Configuring on VDI user end machine.

USMAN JAVED Lv1Posted 16 May 2024 22:43

Dear all,
I am configuring the scanner device on VDI Client machine but it's not working. Drivers are installed on the clint machine but only 1-time scanner working other than not. Please help

Newbie517762 Lv5Posted 17 May 2024 10:19

Please find the attached file - "SANGFOR_VDI_v5.4.0_Document Scanner Troubleshooting Guide Linking" for your Ref.
SANGFOR_VDI_v5.4.0_Document Scanner Troubleshooting Linking.pdf (77.03 KB, Downloads: 121)
Rotring Lv2Posted 17 May 2024 11:37
There are a couple of reasons why your scanner might only be working once on your VDI client machine, even with drivers installed. Here are some potential causes and solutions:

1. USB Redirection Issues:

VDI environments often rely on USB redirection to allow client machines to access USB devices like scanners. Here's what to check:

Verify USB Redirection:
Ensure USB redirection is enabled in your VDI configuration for the client machine. Consult your VDI documentation for specific instructions.
Re-plug the Scanner:

Sometimes, USB redirection requires re-plugging the scanner after connecting to the VDI session. Try disconnecting and reconnecting the scanner after logging in.

2. Scanner Driver Compatibility:
There might be compatibility issues between the installed scanner driver and the VDI environment. Here's how to troubleshoot:

Check Driver Version:
Verify you're using the latest scanner driver compatible with the guest operating system within your VDI. Download the driver from the scanner manufacturer's website.

Test Scanner in Safe Mode:
Try using the scanner in the VDI client's Safe Mode with Networking. This can help isolate conflicts caused by other programs.

3. Scanner Redirection (if applicable):
Some VDI solutions offer scanner redirection specifically for these devices. Here's what to explore (if available):

Enable Scanner Redirection:
Check if your VDI software provides a scanner redirection option. This might bypass USB redirection altogether and offer a more optimized experience.

Consult VDI Documentation:
Refer to your VDI documentation for specific instructions on enabling and configuring scanner redirection.

Additional Tips:

Restart VDI Session:
Sometimes, a simple restart of the VDI session can resolve temporary issues with device recognition.

Contact VDI Support:
If none of these solutions work, consider reaching out to your VDI software support team. They might have specific troubleshooting steps for your environment.
Farina Ahmed Posted 17 May 2024 14:05
If the scanner device works only once on a VDI client machine, it might be due to the following reasons.
1) A session persistence issue or incorrect redirection settings.
2) Make sure  that the scanner drivers are not only installed on the client machine but also correctly configured in the VDI environment.
3) Check the VDI settings to confirm that the scanner is set up for redirection and ensure the latest drivers and firmware are installed.
4) verify that any required VDI client settings or permissions are enabled to allow for continuous scanner use across sessions.
5) Reconnecting or reconfiguring the device after each session may also help.
Prosi Lv3Posted 18 May 2024 13:42
Confirm if the scanner driver is correctly installed in the VDI virtual machine image. If not, download the correct driver and install it in the image.
Confirm if the scanner has been added as a virtual device in the VDI environment. If not, follow the instructions on the VDI platform to add the scanner as a virtual device.
Confirm if the scanner device is allowed by user permissions on the VDI user's terminal machine. If not, modify the permission settings so that the user can access the device.
If the scanner is connected through a network, confirm if the network settings allow network access to the scanner device.
Confirm if any firewall or security software is blocking communication with the scanner device. If so, update the rules of the firewall or security software to allow communication with the scanner.
If the scanner device requires specific configuration files or settings, ensure that these settings are correctly applied and compatible with the VDI environment.