NGAF vs Ruijie

libaobillie0629 Lv1Posted 01 Apr 2024 13:01

Do we have battle cards for NGAF or NSF vs. the new firewall of Ruijie?

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Enrico Vanzetto Lv3Posted 02 Apr 2024 19:09
Hello libaobillie0629 ! Sangfor have some marketing materials related to the Sangfor Network Secure firewall that could be beneficial for you. Would you mind contacting your local Sangofr sales contact to request these materials?
Newbie517762 Lv5Posted 03 Apr 2024 15:20
Last edited by Newbie517762 03 Apr 2024 15:22.

To optimize efficiency, I suggest initiating contact with the local Sangfor office to promptly request these materials.