Change Language Endpoint Secure - ENG to Chinese

Newbie821321 Lv1Posted 28 Mar 2024 17:11


How can i change the language of Endpoint Secure agent from English to Chinese.


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Newbie221173 Lv1Posted 01 Apr 2024 17:57

To change the language of the Endpoint Secure agent from English to Chinese, you'll typically need to access the settings or preferences within the Endpoint Secure software.
Newbie517762 Lv5Posted 03 Apr 2024 17:17

In the current version, the Endpoint agent does not support switching between English and Chinese.
pmateus Lv2Posted 03 Apr 2024 17:48

I did not found an way to change the current language to chinese. So i think this is not possible.
Enrico Vanzetto Lv3Posted 03 Apr 2024 17:54
Hi, i can't see on our appliance 6.02EN (EN i think stands for english lnaguage version of Endpoint Secure Appliance) a way to change language. I think that you have to redeploy the chinese version of endpoint secure to have it on chinese language.
Tayyab0101 Lv2Posted 04 Apr 2024 01:46
in the running operation it will not give you any option to do so.
however, you can try redeploy and select language there.
mdamores Lv3Posted 04 Apr 2024 08:25

Changing the language of Endpoint Secure Agent from English to Chinese is not yet available in this firmware version
jerome_itable Lv2Posted 04 Apr 2024 10:56
Unfortunately, based on the available information, it seems that Sangfor Endpoint Secure agent currently doesn't offer an option to change the interface language directly on the agent itself.

Here are two possible approaches to consider:

    Check Sangfor Documentation and Support:
        Refer to the Sangfor Endpoint Secure documentation for your specific version. Search for keywords like "language" or "localization" to see if there's a documented way to change the agent language.
        If the documentation doesn't mention language options, consider contacting Sangfor technical support. They might have insights on alternative methods or future updates that might include language selection features. You can find their contact information in the Sangfor Endpoint Secure documentation or on the Sangfor website.

    Group Policy for Language (if applicable):
        This option is only applicable if you're managing the Sangfor Endpoint Secure agent through a Group Policy environment (like Active Directory). You might be able to configure a policy to enforce a specific language setting for the agent on managed devices.

If neither of these approaches work, you might be stuck with the English interface for now. However, contacting Sangfor support is your best bet to find out if there are any hidden settings or upcoming features for language selection within the agent itself.
Newbie290036 Lv1Posted 04 Apr 2024 17:34
To change the language of the Endpoint Secure agent from English to Chinese, you may need to follow these steps, which might vary depending on the specific version and configuration of the Endpoint Secure agent. Please ensure you have the necessary permissions to modify the settings.

1. Update the Endpoint Secure agent: Make sure you have the latest version of the Endpoint Secure agent installed on your device. Newer versions might include support for language changes.
2. Access the Endpoint Secure console: Log in to the Endpoint Secure console, which is typically a web-based management interface where you can configure and manage the agent settings.
3. Locate the language settings: Navigate to the appropriate section in the console where language settings are available. This could be under the "General Settings," "Preferences," or "User Interface" menu, depending on the specific Endpoint Secure solution.
4. Change the language to Chinese: Once you find the language settings, select "Chinese" (or the specific Chinese dialect you prefer) from the available language options.
5. Save the changes: After selecting the Chinese language, save the changes to apply the new language settings to the Endpoint Secure agent.
6. Restart the agent (if required): In some cases, you might need to restart the Endpoint Secure agent for the changes to take effect. Check the specific instructions provided by the Endpoint Secure solution for the appropriate steps.

If you encounter any issues or need further assistance, refer to the Endpoint Secure documentation or contact their support team for specific instructions tailored to your version and configuration.
Zonger Lv4Posted 04 Apr 2024 17:34
To change language from Chinese to English please follow steps below :
Access your device Web UI and then Go to System - > General -> system -> Web UI -> Language.
Here you can select English from the list and the user interface language will change successfully.

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