Sangfor HCI 5.8.3 is released.

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Sangfor Hyper-converged Infrastructure (HCI) 5.8.3 is the latest version release that introduces multiple innovative and powerful enhancements. In this version, customer is able to leverage the VMware integration feature to easily connect VMware vCenter to HCI management console and manage the VMware VMs right on HCI management platform. Bi-directional VM migration is available between VMware vCenter and Sangfor HCI to facilitate fast and easy migration. Backing up VMs on VMware has never been easier with Sangfor HCI, simply set up a backup policy and it’s good to go, no additional backup software, no additional management complexity. Continuous data protection (CDP) is another big highlight in this version, business-critical applications will be protected continuously with zero data loss. Again, CDP introduces no additional software and management, it’s all integrated into the HCI platform. Instant recovery is now implemented and applies to backup and CDP on 5.8.3, achieving VM restoration within 15 minutes. There’s also a big improvement on our virtual storage aSAN, virtual volumes can be created based on different nodes with different disks to better serve different applications’ performance and capacity requirements. There’s tons of new features that we’ve put into the new version just to make your business more reliable and agile. Simply start exploring and you’ll be blown away.

Sangfor Hyper-converged Infrastructure (HCI) 5.8.3 introduces the following new features and enhancements:

1. VMware management.
VMware vCenter now can be added to Sangfor HCI management console to achieve unified management. VMs in the vCenter can be viewed and managed through one-single-pane-of-glass web-based UI. You can see the overall running status of the VMs including CPU/RAM/disk utilization just like the VMs on Sangfor HCI, operations like VM power-off/on, reboot and suspend as well as going to the VM console can be done with a single click right away on the same page.

2. Bi-directional near-live migration between VMware and Sangfor HCI.
You can migrate VMs between VMware and Sangfor HCI in a near-live fashion. Simply select the to-be-migrated VMs on the HCI management console, choose the destination and then it’s all good to go. VMs will be migrated on the background without any impact to business, however, there is a very short period of downtime since VMs need to be rebooted to complete the migration. You can choose to reboot the VMs either automatically or manually.

3. VMware backup to HCI.
VMware VM backup and restore is made simple with Sangfor HCI 5.8.3. Through the same user interface, you can back up VMware VMs to Sangfor HCI manually or automatically. Scheduled backup policy can be set on a minutely, hourly, daily and weekly basis, minimum backup interval is 10 minutes. A full backup is done at the first time and sequent backups are executed incrementally using CBT (Changed Block Tracking) technology.

4. CDP (Continuous Data Protection).
CDP is introduced to 5.8.3 to achieve near-zero RPO for business critical applications. With CDP enabled, HCI will record VM IO logs every five seconds and store all record points for the past 3 days. Complementing with built-in backup, you can roll back to VM version at any time point in the past 3 days instantly. CDP is built-in and made easy with an intuitive timeline display.

5. Instant recovery.
Backup VMs on HCI can be booted up within 3 minutes and climb to normal performance within 15 minutes. This applies to all backup VMs including VMware backup, CDP and HCI’s own backup.

6. iSCSI server enhancements.
iSCSI server functionality has been optimized with better availability and load balancing for VMware hosts. iSCSI server now can be provisioned through storage networks.

7. Creating virtual volumes.
Virtual storage volumes can be created based on hosts with different disk performance and capacity. Each volume is a physically isolated storage pool, users can choose which volume to run VMs on according to performance and capacity requirements. At least 3 physical nodes are needed to support a virtual volume, that said, cluster under 6 nodes can only create one single volume which is the same as before.

8. vSSLVPN is fully optimized for HCI.
NFVs on HCI are more complete with vSSL VPN added in this version. You can now implement vSSL VPN solution on HCI with what you draw is what you get.

9. Customization.
You now can customize logo and contact information on the user interface according to your requirement.

10. Licensing change.
The UI of licensing page is now more comprehensive with different blocks representing different software modules. License now can be imported and exported in .lic file format.

Upgrade for This Release

Sangfor HCI 5.8.3 supports upgrade from 5.0, 5.2, 5.3 and 5.3R1.
Here’s the software package download link, please install or upgrade according to our user manual.
vSSLVPN template:


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