Aggregate Interface Load Balancing Mode

epsoft Lv1Posted 19 Jan 2020 14:15

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To Setup LACP or TrunkAggregation on Interface,
which mode uses LACP or other Active/Active Trunk specification?

Active/standby (Mode:1) =
Based on MAC address (Mode:2) =
Based on MAC Address =
Round Robin among interfaces (Mode:0) =
Layer 4 load balancing (Mode:2) =

Is the Mode referring to Layer ISO/OSI stack?
If so, the Mode2 require to configure the corrisponding port on hw switch as LAG or LACP, but wich one corrispond to static LAG and to LACP?
(i'm wondering if the 'layer 4 load balancing (Mode:2)' can corrispond to LACP/802.3ad specs)

But also: What is the 'Based on MAC Address' (NOT Mode2) ?

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