rules/port to allow ipad apps update

Newbie093924 Lv1Posted 31 Dec 2018 11:09

HI ,

i am using IAM 4300, version 4.0

I found that ipad which using DEP will not get the app refresh if i block the P2p-NAT/UPMP   (not sure about it but i add these two rules and allow it , the app will start download/refresh)

i found it some times the apps in ipad fail to download. i not sure which rules should i enable it to make sure no download error cause by firewalls.

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CTI TF Lv1Posted 02 Jan 2019 14:46
Hi Sir, you may try to enable bypass in System > Diagnostics > Troubleshooting.
You will be able to check on the packet drop by the particular access control policy and pinpoint on the rules.
Darrel_IAM Lv1Posted 02 Jan 2019 17:10
I would like to suggest that upgrade to new version 12.0.x with best identification performance, it will help IT team more understand the network condition .

for the issue that you in face , you may follow from @CTI TF, share the screenshot of result , we will give you some guidance.

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