WANO Brower support

Ovais Lv1Posted 26 Jan 2018 17:37

WANO Brower support

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Ovais Lv1Posted 26 Jan 2018 17:42
WANO only can support IE old version, can we improve this in new version?
for example, WANO management platform can support Chrome and Firefox......
JunWei Lv1Posted 16 Mar 2018 02:33
Dear Ovais,

We will support Chrome and Firefox browsers in the coming firmware version.
Khaerul Ammar Lv1Posted 17 Mar 2018 00:23
WANO can support all Internet Explorer Version, and if using the latest version then you can follow this instruction:

Click Setting

and then click the compatibility view settings

and then fill the ip wano

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