Snipe Lv2Posted 18 Oct 2022 11:25
Check if there was a looping
sanjigerma Lv3Posted 18 Oct 2022 11:32
Verify broadcast storm or looping.
Natsu Dragneel Lv3Posted 18 Oct 2022 16:14
Check the gateway address and vlans
noime Lv3Posted 18 Oct 2022 16:26
Maybe there was a looping in the network
Robin Lv3Posted 18 Oct 2022 17:12
the first thing you should check is the connection status. Make sure both computers are connected.
Rashley Lv2Posted 19 Oct 2022 08:42
Please double-check that the gateway address is properly configured.
Ashley Anne Lv2Posted 19 Oct 2022 08:58
Please double-check that it is properly configured, particularly on the gateway add.
Rhebie Lv3Posted 19 Oct 2022 09:02
When you bring up the IAG, see if there was a broadcast storm. You should not connect the LAN and WAN to the same switch.
SteveD Lv2Posted 19 Oct 2022 09:13
Check the routing or config on interface
Mikee Lv2Posted 19 Oct 2022 09:32

Kindly double check the network configuration specially the gateway address

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