Naomi Lv3Posted 17 Oct 2022 14:15
Create first DCHP Pool.
VanFlyheights Lv3Posted 17 Oct 2022 14:47
Check if you have created a DHCP Pool and subinterface
Noah19 Lv3Posted 17 Oct 2022 14:51
configure intervlan routing..
kmrnliaqat Lv3Posted 17 Oct 2022 16:05
No, as long as you give them a different IP address
NeTSec Lv3Posted 17 Oct 2022 16:22
allow all the vlans on IAG
Imran Tahir Lv4Posted 17 Oct 2022 16:26
All all the VLAN's
BitCloud Lv3Posted 17 Oct 2022 16:28
Use Static if the problem persist
gay clarin Lv2Posted 18 Oct 2022 07:58
No as long as you give them different IP address and avoid conflict IP
Newbie098542 Posted 18 Oct 2022 08:27
A DHCP problem means the server on your network that provides an Internet Protocol address for devices isn't able to assign your computer an IP address. Because the DHCP setting can break the internet connection, the error can appear in many forms, but the end result is that you can't access the internet
arjay Lv3Posted 18 Oct 2022 11:15
Kindly double check your configuration

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