【SCMT Product Warning】SCMT license date stuck at 2022/09/30

CTI TF Lv2Posted 12 Oct 2022 17:01

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Bug Phenomena:
SCMT license expiration date stuck at 2022/09/30 even though the validity is later than September.
Importing newly generated license will have the same phenomenon.
After the licensing expired, existing task will not affect but new migration task unable to be created.
Trigger conditions:
SCMT version with 2.0.220307_EN.
Root Cause:
The current version has fixed the latest expiration date at 2022/09/30.
How to check:
1. Verify the current SCMT version whether it is 2.0.220307_EN under the right bottom of the SCMT UI.
2. Verify if the expiration date stuck at 2022/09/30.
1. Upload the attached general licensing file to SCMT. (without unzipping the file)
2. Check if the expiration date extended. If remained at 2022/09/30, kindly follow the licensing procedure to request for a new license file and upload to the SCMT.
MD5 of the licensing file: 9d82ae38cddd0150043d68c656818dd0


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