Faisal P Posted 24 Aug 2022 12:00
Sangfor Technologies has announce the release of Sangfor NGAF version 8.0.26, a new firmware which includes several new exciting features
Ashley Anne Lv2Posted 24 Aug 2022 13:15
Please check to see if your BBC version is also upgradeable.
Rhebie Lv3Posted 24 Aug 2022 13:21
Please verify that your BBC version can also be upgraded.
Rashley Lv2Posted 24 Aug 2022 13:28
Can you be more specific with your problem/issue?
Farina Ahmed Lv5Posted 24 Aug 2022 17:03
Sometimes upgrade versions have bugs and they create unknown problem. Check with support if this is the case. These things happens in Cisco products as well. Otherwise check the hardware requirements for upgrades and compatibility matrix.
zarimey Lv1Posted 25 Aug 2022 11:21
Problem solved after do factory reset then re-join BBC. But need to go on-site to reset.

Thanks All
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allbertluu@gmai Posted 26 Sep 2022 16:33
The BBC join wizard may fail to convert a configuration creator when you try to connect https://stumble-guys.co/. This is because the BBC has not been configured correctly.

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