Login to SSLVPN but unable to get virtual IP

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Issue Description

Created a new users but found that the user unable to get virtual IP and access resources.

Error/Warning Information


Handling Process

1. Check the Device Manager, the Sangfor SSL VPN VNIC is normal.
2. Check on the role, the user bind with a L3VPN resource.
3. Check on the SSLVPN system log, found that that it have the log below:
4. Check on the virtual IP pool, found that the virtual IP pool is available and for Default Group.
5. Check the Local User configuration, the Virtual IP Assignment is set to Automatic.
6. Check the user is belongs to / group, change the user group to Default Group.
7. Login SSL VPN again, found that issue has been solved.

Root Cause

The virtual IP pool is assign to Defaul Group while user under / group.


Change the user group from / to Default Group.
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Newbie446971 Posted 20 Jul 2022 09:53
where the SSLVPN system log
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Your troubleshooting was straightforward. Thank you for sharing.
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