【aServer】Server unable to boot up after upgrade to HCI 670

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Issue Description

After cold upgrade HCI to 6.7.0, aServer will stuck at booting screen and unable to proceed further.

Error/Warning Information


Handling Process

1. As per feedback, 3 nodes environment only 1 node able to boot up successfully.
2. Compare the ACPI settings in BIOS of 3 aServer, found the server that able to boot up configure Custom under its ACPI settings while the rest of the aServer was configure with other options.

Note : ACPI was defining hardware characteristic and possible to cause kernel incompatible. Since HCI 6.7.0 has a major change in kernel with previous version of HCI, it might causing the server start up abnormally if do not have a compatible settings.

3. After configure custom under the Power/Performance profile of ACPI settings, the server able to bootup successfully.

Root Cause

ACPI settings under BIOS mismatch with kernel version leading the startup failed.


Correct the BIOS settings of the aServer.


The situation may vary on different scenario. If the above solution does not work, kindly look for further support from technical support team.
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