VM resource usage not match with actual usage

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Issue Description

The memory and disk usage was not match with the acutal usage used in the vm.

Error/Warning Information


Handling Process

1. Checking from Windows Services, sfreportservice and sanfor Vm proxy service are running. Reinstall VMtools also getting the same result.

2. Inspect debug log, vmtools could not obtain the disk info.
Note : Need to go Windows Registry create a HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Sangfor\Report\Debug path only will generate debug log under C:\Windows\Temp\SfReport\

3. Open performance monitor, it shows the error some system file for the application has been corrupted.

4. Rebuild the application config file using lodctr /R command and restart the vm.

5. After this, the vm resource usage able to displayed normally.

Root Cause

Performance monitor having system file corruption. Rebuild the system file using lodctr /R command.


Refer to the handling method.
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