HCI Upgrade Failed "Action: Check update package"

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Issue Description

Try to upgrade HCI but failed.
Cause: detected current environment does not meet theupgrade requirements.

Error/Warning Information


Handling Process

1. Use aDeploy to execute cluster Pre-upgrade Check (HCI).
i. Ensure the aDeploy used is the latest version. (to download aDeploy refer to the URL below)
ii. Resolve any possible upgrade pre-check alert before upgrading.

2. Install the upgrade pre-check package after the cluster Pre-upgrade Check has been completed.

3. After installing the upgrade pre-check package, try to upgrade the HCI again and it should be able to upgrade now.

Root Cause

Due to upgrade pre-check package isn't installed.


Refer to the handling process to install the upgrade pre-check package via aDeploy.


If the scenario varies from above or the solution doesn't work, kindly consult specialist or R&D for further verification.
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