[Ended] Registration Event | Are You the Richest Gold Miner?

Sangfor Selene Posted 21 Feb 2022 09:53


Dear member,
Have you ever played Gold Miner?
The stones and bombs in the game must make you very upset, right?
However, this time you don't have to worry about useless stones and bombs. Your every effort will be paid back. Except numerous coins, you hopefully will have a chance of getting “Lucky Bag”.
Join in the invitation event to be Gold Miner! Come and join us! The richest gold miner is You!!! lucky-bag.gif

[What are the rewards?]

1. For existing members(inviters):
    ·Sharing Reward:
   We have prepared two ways for you. There is no limitation of the number of social medias and email receivers!!!

  A. Copy the invitation text>>> on social medias (Facebook/Twitter/…), get 100 coins for each social media.
  B. Download the invitation letter>>> and email to your friends and colleagues, get 100 coins for each email.

   ·Successfully Referral Reward:
   If your friends successfully registered a community account, the rewards are as follows.
   Ps. If you get one “lucky bag”, you can choose one of them.
        If you get two “lucky bags”, you can choose two of them.


2. For new members(invitees):
      ·Registration Reward:
      Complete the Registration Questionnaire>>> to get 500 coins.
       ·Lucky Reward:
       5 lucky new members will get a $5 Gift Voucher who are selected via a lucky draw tool after the event ends.
      ·Sharing Reward and Successfully Referral Reward:  
      Refer to the above information related to For existing members(inviters).

3. A Memorable Honor Medal
Both inviters and invitees can gain an honor medal if successfully joined the event.

4. Event Duartion: Feb. 21 – Mar. 31, 2022


[How to be a Gold Miner?]

屏幕截图 2022-02-21 091733.png
1. Tell your UID to your friends whatever in the invitation text or invitation letter.

Tips: How to know your UID?
屏幕截图 2022-02-21 091632.png

2. Reply to my post with your related screenshot when you share the text on social media,
3. Put  jojo.luo@sangfor.com on the cc. list when you send an invitation letter to help us count your coins rewards.
4. The coins will be sent out every Monday during the event duration.
5. All the physical rewards will be delivered to you after March 31st.
6. Rewards will NOT be qualified for the following situations:
a. If the user you invited registered with personal emails.
b. If the user you invited has ever registered before.

start.gif giphy-(2).gif


[Honor Ranking for Inviters]

Let's see who invited most person to join in Sangfor Community and who are the Richest Gold Miner!
Honor Ranking>>>  will be updated every morning during event duration.

**Kindly contact us via LiveChat>>> should you have any questions.
Sangfor Selene Posted 21 Feb 2022 11:00
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Wow superb!! Amazing event.
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Amazing event.
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regidorreyes Lv5Posted 28 Feb 2022 22:32
Hi, Where can I find my UID?